Sunday, 22 December 2013

Frohe Weihnachten aus der Schweiz! Joyeux Noël and Merry Christmas from Switzerland!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

These past few weeks have been very special. Christmas is coming to Switzerland and it is so incredible to see. The cities are all decorated in many different lights, candels and Christmas trees! I have been traveling lots in Switzerland and have seen so many new things. In late november I had a fantastic weekend in Zermatt (the village on the feet of the Matterhorn) with 150 other Rotary Youth Exchanges Students. Here are some pictures from that great weekend:

Zermatt Weekend was really really fun. I met so many new people! I spent most of the weekend with my Aussie friends Matilda, Oskar, Hannah (1) and Hannah (2). Also we were with Rhiannon my best non Swiss friend. She is from Idaho!

In December I also went to Montreux in the Swiss Rivera! It was an absolutly beautiful day! Here is all of us who went:

I'll update soon! I love you all, my family, friends, Rotarians and loved ones!
Liebe Grüße und frohe Weihnachten.


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